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Car Accident Doctors (NY-NJ)

Are you suffering from back pain, neck pain, sciatica, body aches and pains from an auto collision? You probably need an injury doctor that can help you get control of your health.

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Are you looking for a New York medical expert to counsel your personal injury case?

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Car Accident Work Vehicle Accident Injuries.

Seeking proper medical care for injuries from a work related accident is crucial. Vehicle accidents don't necessarily have to be a car or truck, construction accidents can involve a crane, forklift, tractor, or bulldozer.

Your chosen physician will contact the insurance company ensuring treatment for your injuries are covered. MSR injury doctors guarantee, thorough documentation of your current physical condition.

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Neck and Back Pain Treatment & Care

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NJ, NY Car Accident Doctors

If you've sustained a back injury while on-the-job, you need a trusted doctor that will properly diagnose, and treat yoru condition to ensure a full recovery.Workers compensation accepted. Now accepting newpatients.

We help individuals injured in a vehicle accident get the proper physical therapy and rehabilitation.

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