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Effective Treatment

New York Doctor  Testimonials

The independent physicians who MSR supports help hundreds of chronic pain sufferers each year return to a "quality of life" and mental stability, compared to a pain-filled unhappy existance.

When you visit anyone of the participating pain management clinics in New York, you will be treated and cared for by top notch pain specialists that will create customized solutions to treat your specific condition.

Here are just a few examples of satisfied patients and their experiences…

Patient Patricia P.

I want to say that your office consists of some of the most professional and caring people that I have ever encountered. I will recommend your practice to anyone who may require such services …Read More

Patient Paul D.

What I really like about DHD is that I am under the care of a medical doctor who oversees and directs the physical therapy…Read More

Patient Judy P.

It's not only how much they do, it's their attitude while they're doing it. They're exceptionally professional, they always greet you with a smile and you can actually feel the warmth and tell that they care…Read More

Patient Arness S.

What was great about DHD is that they have a full gym, which allowed me to build back the muscle and ligaments that were damaged from the accident…Read More

Patient Evelyn A.

The therapy in DHD was much more extensive and has helped me now walk much easier as I had used a walker and crutches but now only need the cane…Read More


Take the Next Step

Are you ready to take the next step in being free from pain and injury? Contact an MSR supported physician.

Serious car accidents can leave victims some seriously injured, and permanently disabled.

If you or a loved one have suffered an neck or back injury in a motor vehicle accident, the NY Accident Doctors at Pain and Injury will help you recover.

Injured at work in a slip and fall accident?

Common work injuries our docors treat include: lower back pain, sciatica, neck pain, mid-back pain, disc problems, arm or leg pain and pain into the arm or hand.

Choose a New York workers compensation doctor that will help you file your claim.

TOP 10 REASONS to Visit a Physiatrist

  • 1. Physiatry is a medical specialty
  • 2. Physiatrists are medical doctors (M.D.s and D.O.s)
  • 3. Physiatrists treat the whole person, not just a condition
  • 4. Physiatrists use the latest treatments and modalities
  • 5. No problem is ever too small or too big for a physiatrist
  • 6. Physiatry treatment is highly individualized to meet the specific needs of the patient
  • 7. Physiatry can often help people avoid surgery
  • 8. The physiatrist's job is restore as much function and independence as possible—to put the pieces of people's lives back together
  • 9. The physiatrist works with a team of health care professionals that includes physicians of other medical specialties, and therapists
  • 10. Physiatrists can help with acute and chronic pain management issues