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NO Fault Doctors, NY, NJ

Choose neighborhood No-fault doctors that provide pain mangement treatment to individuals seriously injured in NJ, NY auto accidents. MSR physicians help people recover from pain and injury after an accident!

What is a No Fault Doctor?

No-fault law indicates that no matter who is at fault in an accident the insurance carrier of the car you were in will cover your medical treatment.

How Does No-Fault Work?

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Call today to connect with NY State No-Fault Doctors trained in treating injured accident victims.

Are you suffering from neck pain (whiplash), back pain, or fractures after an auto accident? Choose from a network of physicians committed to serving their community as well as no fault patients injured in a car accident.

Doctors That Take No Fault

Choose from local accident/ injury doctors in the greater New York area after your vehicle accident. You'll need a physician that specializes in personal injury that will properly document records of your diagnoses and treatment.

Choosing the right personal injury doctor is one of the most important steps to take if you've been injured in an accident.

Find No Fault Clinics:1-800-949-6100

Delaying treatment after an injury can give an insurance company reason to deny your personal injury claim. We give you, the patient, access to immediate medical care through New York / New Jersey accident doctors that accepts No-Fault (PIP) insurance.

New York & New Jersey are among 12 states in the United States that have No-Fault (Personal Injury Protection - PIP) insurance. Pip allows anyone who lives in NY, NJ, injured in an auto crash see an accident doctor without worry on how their medical bills will be paid.

New York, New Jersey No-Fault Insurance Accepted!

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