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Knowing the right course of treatment and coordinated care for each unique individual is what sets physiatrists apart from other specialists in the field of musculoskeletal pain and injury. And Musculoskeletal Resources only supports physicians who are committed to setting a new standard in patient service.

  • Treatment Options

    Treatment Options

    In most cases, surgery should be a last resort. Talking with a physiatrist can help ensure that you consider all non-surgical treatment plans first…

  • Pain & Prevention

    Pain & Prevention

    If you're looking for immediate relief, here are some simple exercises and lifestyle changes —that you can implement immediately—that the physicians who we work for often recommend to their patients..

  • Recovery & Rehabilitation

    Recovery & Rehabilitation

    A physiatrist's goal is to get you back to the lifestyle you knew before pain and injury. That's why the physicians you learn about on (and their staff) are dedicated to ensuring that you complete your treatment plan…

A Fresh Approach to Treatment

The fact is, studies show that there's a significant gap between the level of service that patients expect and the level of service that they actually receive from their physician. If you fall into this category, all of the doctors we support are confident that you'll appreciate their fresh approach and commitment to patients.

Treating You, Not the Condition

This has long been the mantra of physiatrists, but MSR only supports physicians who know that this applies to more than just medical treatment. It means that they'll always treat you with respect and make your recovery as pleasant as possible. What's more, they'll do whatever they can to help ensure that you'll have every opportunity to complete your treatment plan. That includes free transportation (in most cases) that offers roundtrip door-to-door service for those who can't make it to appointments on their own.

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10 QUESTIONS You Should Ask

  • 1. What's causing my pain?
  • 2. Are there any other symptoms I should be aware of that could indicate a more serious condition?
  • 3. Are there activities I should temporarily or permanently avoid to ease pain?
  • 4. Could my work environment be affecting my pain?
  • 5. How much bed rest should I get while I'm suffering pain?
  • 6. What treatment options should I consider for my pain?
  • 7. How long should I take medication or do special exercises for pain?
  • 8. Are there alternative therapies that I should consider?
  • 9. How long will it take before I notice results, less pain?
  • 10. What can I do to prevent pain from persisting or returning?