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Effective Treatment

Relax. You Do Have Options

Treatment Options

The physicians that Musculoskeletal Resources (MSR) supports work closely with patients, assessing their individual conditions, to decrease pain and restore function without surgery whenever possible. Combined with an experienced, caring office staff that offers assistance with the logistics of your visits, MSR-supported physicians provide the highest level of service making it easy for you to complete your non-surgical treatment program.

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Services

The goal of a physiatrist is to restore your optimal health and quality of life. He or she functions as the supervisor of a team of healthcare professionals that includes other medical specialists, physical therapists, and occupational therapists. Services available include…

An MSR-supported physician will use a combination of the above treatments and diagnostic tests to develop a custom treatment plan to address your specific type of pain and injury, with the desired goal of getting you back to your 100% as soon as possible.

A More Comprehensive Approach

Even if you've tried other treatment options in the past without favorable results, give us a minute to explain why it'll be different this time…really.


Individualized Treatment Programs

Physiatrists treat the whole person, not just a condition, so they are better able to meet the specific and unique needs of each patient.


Understanding the Impact of a Diagnosis

Physiatrists look beyond the medical issues to understand the impact on your mobility and activities of daily living.


It's About Personalized Results, Not Cookie-cutter Treatment Plans

Physiatrists understand your desire to return to the life you knew before pain or injury. As a result, all of the physicians who MSR supports will continue your treatment until you achieve your desired results (not simply until you've completed x-number of sessions).


It's Safe

PM&R specialists (physiatrists) are licensed physicians, and MSR only supports physicians who have impeccable reputations, outstanding academic credentials with atleast five years of post-residency practice experience - diagnosing and treating injuries to the spine, joints, and extremities.


It's Affordable

Because physiatrists treat you and not your symptoms, they can opt for lower-cost treatments if necessary. What's more, MSR pain management physicians supports have knowledgeable staff that can help you understand the full scope of your insurance benefits.


Take the Next Step

Are you ready to take the next step in being free from pain and injury? Contact an MSR pain physician.