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Find accident /injury physicians that specialize in musculoskeletal medicine, spine pain (neck pain/ back injury), overuse, nerve & muscle injuries. Schedule an appointment today with doctors that specialize in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation - Physiatry & Independent Medical Exams.

It's Simple, just search by ZIP code for FREE. You can also call us directly and we will be more that happy to refer you to an accident injury NY, NJ State medical provider. 1-800-949-6100

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MSR referred doctors diagnose patients with painful conditions, offering treatments such as nerve blocks, spinal injections and other interventional techniques. Now accepting new patients. Workers compensation, Auto Accident /Perseonal Injury No-Fault insurance accepted. Spine injury, muscle pain, whiplash pain management and rehabilitation available at convenient locations throughout the greater new york area.

If you have been suffering from back pain, any sports injury, neck pain or any other types of acute & chronic pain, call us direct at 1-800-949-6100 for PM&R, Board Certified Doctors near you.

Comprehensive evaluation and treatment of acute and chronic back pain

**Clinics available in New York, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Long Island, New Jersey. Ask about our patient pick-up services: 1-800-949-6100.**